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You really can’t lose with a mobile setup

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New surroundings also tend to spark inspiration from within, so having your laptop production setup will help in this aspect as well. You can go to the park and bang out a few tracks, or even while on the train to work in the mornings (I see people do this all the time). You really can’t lose with a mobile setup, so I would suggest that any newbie producer go that route..

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Spray directly the upholstery and use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the surfaces. Rinse the area with clean water and clean towel. If you notice more stains you may repeat the process. Personally I recommend drinking a 20oz PowerAde or Gatorade; you can even mix with them! This will do two things for you, 1) it will re hydrate your body and 2) it will provide your body with essential electrolytes and nutrients prior to an extended period of drinking. Why is this important? Well, alcohol has a tendency to confuse the receptors responsible for managing hydration in the body; this is why we have frequent visits to the bathroom when drinking. So even though you may be drinking a lot of fluid, your body is not absorbing it.

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