Washington’s defense limited the Dolphins to 271

«I’ve talked to a couple people earlier in the week, and even today, and they’re not happy about this,» former Redskins linebacker and CBS Sports Network analyst London Fletcher said on «That Other Pregame Show.» «Not everyone is on board with Adrian Peterson not playing in this ballgame. It’s affecting that locker room. I just don’t understand it.».

Final: Redskins 17, Dolphins 16 Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake dropped a screen pass on a two point conversion attempt after Miami pulled within one on a touchdown with six seconds remaining, preserving the Redskins’ first win of the season. Redskins rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin had four catches for 100 yards, including his fourth and fifth touchdown grabs of the season. Washington’s defense limited the Dolphins to 271 total yards and registered five sacks.

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