The top band of color was the sky and clouds formed

It came in November when he replaced Kelle Roos and his form was steady until he started to make very costly mistakes, notably against West Bromwich Albion and Brentford, and lost his place. 5/10Read MoreJayden Bogle His second season in the first team has been tougher for him after shining and winning young player of the year in 2018 19. We know he can be a threat supplementing attacks, but he needs to work on his crossing and his defending.

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A few things that you can try in this situation is to first change the microphones axis point in relationship to the speaker. By this I mean that when you set the mic in front of the guitar amp you probably pointed the head of the microphone directly at the amp. Off axis mic placement is the technique of changing the angle at which the microphone is being directed at the audio source.

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