The Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt has been third in PPR

It has been clear for a long time that, with Snyder, a moral appeal has no impact. Business logic is more his language, and it is speaking in harsh tones right now. There is virtually no sane justification for keeping the name when the upside of rebranding is so obvious.

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The Jim Browns, Larry Csonkas, and Franco Harrises, rockstar fullbacks who received the lion’s share of carries out of the backfield, are all gone now. Teams began finding it more prosperous to hand the ball to the carrier behind the fullback, the halfback. As a result, from the mid 1980’s to the 2000’s the fullback position primarily became that of another lineman..

Manning now goes to Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, Calif., in two weeks, becoming, at 39, the oldest man to start a Super Bowl. For a change, this team won’t be riding on his arm, not that it could. But at least Manning looked a little stronger in the Broncos’ 20 18 victory over the New England Patriots as he completed 17 of 32 passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns.

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