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Rehabilitation visits to Burke

Some conversations invite the old timey exclamation did you ever! (Picture a matronly Southern lady like Aunt Bee.) Example: You tell a friend that, according to Discover magazine, some quantum physicists think humans are on the verge of achieving time travel. Did you ever! ( Obviously not. Because if I had, I be off visiting Napoleon or Marie Curie instead of tolerating this conversation.

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Exercise will make you feel better and even give you energy the next day. You can start small. Even 10 minutes a day is good to begin with and work your way up to more. Henry Louis Aaron, or «Hammerin’ Hank» is known as one of the best hitters of all time. He was the MLB’s leader in home runs until Barry Bonds broke his record a decade ago. Aaron played his entire 21 year career with the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves and then two seasons with the AL’s Milwaukee Brewers.

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