People are leaving the city in droves

«The Mad Scientist» Mike Shanahan was at it again with his infuriating methods of deploying his running back core. Just about everybody on the offensive side of the ball got a chance to run with it, and nobody was even close to being called successful. Roy Helu led the charge with 8 carries for a team leading 35 yards.

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Peter and Nicole Melious of Susan Wagner proudly display their trophies after being presented with the boys and girls Jaques Award for the 2019 20 season. (Courtesy of Nobody Cares Sports)Nicole Melious, the girls Jaques Award winner, is flanked by Susan Wagner girls varsity coach Tom Rizzo and Jaques Committee member Tony Navarino. (Courtesy of Tony Navarino)Liam Murphy, right, is joined by Jaques committee member Judge Michael Brennan, center, and St.

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