Not every train needs to be a bullet train

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Having stretch marks can affect your self esteem and confidence especially when deciding to wear a bathing suit, skirt or shorts and other summertime clothing to where your thighs are exposed. So what causes these pathetic ugly lines known as stretch marks? Stretch marks are usually a result of sudden weight gain or weight loss. If you now suffer from having stretch marks on thighs, keep reading to find out more about what causes stretch marks and how you can remove stretch marks..

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Besides, there are many issues regarding to health risk or problem of legs that are caused by high heels, flat shoes come with tons of solution. Well, high heel may still work better for formal event for «its well known name as formal shoe». I mean, many people still have same thought about the role of high heel but not for its usability for protecting foot.

Good points. We also need to look at the other side of cyber bullying, It’s not just Facebook it is all types of media, We can’t monitor our kids every move and read all private messages and emails. We have to trust what we teach them and that they come to us when they have a problem or issue.

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