It took a while before Hannah knew he was the one

Much like Kaepernick, whilst it can be seen as an act of defiance, it is really more about not standing for a society, nation, or ideal that oppresses anyone of any creed, especially Black people and people of colour. Knelt outside the Dallas County Alabama Courthouse alongside a group of civil rights activists in 1965. They had been on a march, and after they were arrested for ‘parading without a permit’, Luther King Jr.

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The FCFL aims to flip that dynamic on its head. Scheduled to debut in early summer 2020 in Las Vegas with teams playing 7 on 7 inside a customized arena attached to a casino the league combines the all American habit of democratic self determination with the Silicon Valley ethos of an app for everything. The target market? Any football fan who has ever watched helplessly as their favorite squad botched a trade, blew a draft pick, hired the wrong coach, fired the right one, or punted when they should have gone for a first down.

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«In a sport where the majority of the on field talent is Black, it’s a positive thing to have a leader that shares that demographic background,» Wright said, «as well as the playing background on the business side, just to open the aperture on what’s possible for folks so that as you can get pigeonholed as an athlete that doesn’t happen as much. And hopefully that works, you know. It’s on me to do a good job to make sure that happens.».

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