«Indoor courts are still closed

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uk canada goose outlet I’ll make sure absolutely everything is in place before we consider recommencing.»Indoor courts are still closed. ACT government restrictions are still in place, so we’re unable to open the indoor courts yet.»We’re hoping we could have them opened in June, hopefully in the next phase of the ACT government’s restrictions. The reality is everything is reliant on ACT government restrictions.»We’re still targeting a July to return to competition. uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose coats Today PaperTheir appearance has baffled Canberrans for several years giving light to many theories as to their origins, ranging from the artistic antics of bushwalkers to even the work of a secret cult of druids. However, following a three day operation conducted by four field officers from ACT Parks and Conservation Service, the two oversized rock cairns atop Gossan Hill in Bruce have been dismantled. According to Michelle Nairn, Senior Ranger with Canberra Nature Park North, the cairns were demolished as they were «contrary to the values of the Gossan Hill Nature Reserve» canada goose coats.