In Aroostook County, the recognition goes to Jocelyn

An innovator in creative ways to bring fans to A’s games, Finley made various changes to the Seals that he found successful with his baseball club. He changed the team’s color scheme to the patented green and gold, and added names to the back of the jerseys one of the first to do so in the NHL. The team even went as far as painting their skates white to model the A’s signature look of white cleats.

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VL: Years ago, he had a T shirt printed extra extra extra large. It has a photo of Eli and a photo of me on it with the words college football challenge. There are boxes to check which of our names goes with each of the pictures. 4. Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., 5919 Chicago Rd., Warren Who knew that Warren is the hot bed of brewing? What set these guys apart was their incredible quality, Amy said. «Every single one of their beers were spot on,» she added.

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