I had some extra time, so I decided to come early to

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cheap nba Jerseys from china In Hunterdon County, close to 8,000 people are still in the dark.Clifford B. Cole, a spokesperson for JCP said on Friday that the August 19th date «was sent in error yesterday» and that in fact 85% of customers will have their power restored by tonight.A press release shared with NJ Advance Media on Friday said that «service has been restored to approximately 566,000 JCP customers more than 72% of the 788,000 customers impacted by the storm.»»Utility crews have replaced more than 68,000 feet of wire, hundreds of poles and crossarms, and worked through more than 360 closed roads to repair service,» the release states.A statement issued by Peter Peretzman, BPU public information officer, also noted most customers’ power will be restored by «end of day today,» and the remaining by next Tuesday.»We are in constant contact with all utilities to ensure they are working to restore power as efficiently and effectively as they are able,» Peretzman said.Peretzman said JCP outages are down 70% from their peak. Still, he noted the severity of Tropical Storm Isaias to both transmission systems as well as poles and wires in stating that some outages in areas serviced by JCP are «extremely difficult to address given the location of these customers.»»Much of JCP territory is heavily wooded and in rural areas,» Peretzman said. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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