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On Oct. 20, Pullman had itself a big smash of a time with a quarterback it never anticipated when that bastion of reflected legitimacy, ESPN’s «College GameDay,» came to town, and Oregon came to town, and Oregon left town glum. Then the son of a former basketball player (mother) and a former Millsaps College (Miss.) football hall of famer (father), a person only 22 who has thrown footballs for real in three of the four continental time zones and driven through the other to reach the latest, said: «It was incredible, man.

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Now he’s a Grey Cup champion Copy Link Email Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest LinkedIn TumblrArticle contentCALGARY Zach Collaros was doing that thing that players do when they do not want attention on themselves.»I know it’s a good story,» he said during Grey Cup week, before brushing off an attempt at getting him to be introspective.The Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback was wrong about that. It’s an incredible story. Collaros was concussed on the third play of his season, crunched on June 13 by a hit in Saskatchewan’s opener from Hamilton’s Simoni Lawrence that eventually led to a suspension.It would take 134 days, and two trades, before Collaros would throw another pass, for his third team this season.

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But players wanted those losses to be absorbed over the next decade.The sides met in the middle. They agreed to a salary cap floor of $175 million per team next year about $35 million less than the projected cap in a normal season even though teams could wind up taking a far more significant financial hit this year. If the league fares better than expected this season, next year’s cap could be more than $175 million.

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