Fourteen of 20 projects funded this year by the

The NATO intervention one of a small and deniable Special Forces and precision air strikes decapitated the loyalists’ command and control capabilities, as well as their control of the skies and roadways. Abandoned by defections and regional isolation, Qaddafi’s forces waged a cruel campaign against the Libyan rebels and Libya’s citizens. The mad colonel, interestingly enough, was prophetic in blaming al Qaeda and bin Laden loyalists for the challenge to his rule, though his rambling seemed to inspire fundamentalist forces to play a role in the fighting.

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Holland Bottoms’ opening day proved to be a short affair, with every last berry sold inside of 40 minutes. The next day, April 2, traffic backed up the highway, prompting Cabot police to order the market to open early to help ease the strain. The farm sold out in under two hours.

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They include dedicated jerseys for all sides, a talk at the local high school and involvement with Albury Wodonga Health, who have donated medals for best on field. There will again be the DonateLife and Jess McLennan cups. Fourteen of 20 projects funded this year by the federal government community awareness program take place during DonateLife Week, which runs until this Sunday.

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