We need to learn to pray for family and one another

Appearing on CNBC on Friday, Biden was asked about Warren’s push to halt big mergers during the coronavirus pandemic and said he’s «not going to make a blanket judgment on that right now.»»Well, I think that what we should do is we should take hard looks at it real hard looks and decide whether or not it’s likely to increase competition or reduce competition,» he said. He cheap nfl jerseys added that he’d ask antitrust officials to scrutinize whether or not the mergers in question «increase the prospect of growth, increase the prospect of competition, increase the prospect of employment, or not.»Asked if he favors Warren’s proposed breakup of Amazon, the apparent Democratic presidential nominee’s response mirrored her disenchantment with the company without endorsing her policy.»I think Amazon should start paying their taxes,» he said. «Number two, I think that companies should be in a position where they start paying their employees a decent wage and protect their employees.»Biden’s remarks reveal an attempt to tap into rising economic anxieties with populist language that is often associated with Warren and other progressives.

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