There a lot of planning that goes into that to

How sad! I have also discovered the ease of takeout. No dishes. Hehe.’Working’ from home. Sometimes sellers don’t know what their actual need is. A lot of times, when I get to a situation, it might just be that they have two, three kids and a house that’s way too small and it’s not that nice, and I kind of went in with an approach to help them get into a better living situation and by doing that, that actually I was focused more on their solution rather than buying the house, and then that just started bringing me a ton of properties. So I created At 23, I created this little business where I’d go out, I’d get them in credit repair, I’d line up movers, I’d find them a new rental property, and what that did, is it just got me a lot of deal flow and then from there, I started learning how to actually analyze the deals from there..

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They gone 4 3 since that night and they failed to put together four straight quarters even resembling the number one rated offense in the league. But as the team attempts to stay afloat during this rough patch, perhaps this is how it should be. They were never going to continue shooting at the pace they were at and the mark of a great team is one that can adjust accordingly when times get rough..

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