The «Hard Knocks» crews are in place

The only thing worse for theNFL than being found complicit in covering up or simply not caring about domestic abuse is if they could be held responsible for it. To wit, Chelsea Oliver and her sons are suing the NFL for wrongful death, citing the concussions her husband sustained that she says led to his suicide. She blamed those same concussions for the domestic abuse she endured.

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«Even though I was there for barely a day you could still get a grip of how big a deal it really is,» Keehn said. «I’ve been told that when you walk down the street everybody knows your name. «It’s like if Melbourne had one AFL team and every single person followed that team.» The 22 year old does not yet know if he will get a game in his first season and expects to be «red shirted» where a student is rested for a year while he develops his skill, therefore extending his scholarship.

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Mexico’s Tamaulipas state, across the Rio Grande from the southern tip of Texas, is receiving roughly 100 deportees per day, officials there say. In some cases, repatriation workers have noticed that deportees are visibly sick as they arrive. Those deportations are blamed for at least one new outbreak in a Mexican migrant shelter.

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