One reason the house wins so often is because

The distance between those who rule, who have lived with power and money all their lives, and those who are ruled everyday citizens who keep this country running and have never breathed in the altitudes of the rich and powerful. Between those who have never or rarely faced challenge and those whose lives are in the most part defined by challenges.The rich and powerful reside on a different plane, or to add a single letter, a different planet. Those long possessed of great fortunes have lived a different life, one that has absolved them from the messy imperatives and daily humiliations faced by the ever so numerous people who are «just getting by.»When everything comes easily, and it is felt as a right that everything should come easily, you do not think as do most everybody else.

cheap nfl jerseys But was that effort good enough to win a football game? By no stretch of the imagination was it. Was that effort going to win a game you had to win to keep pace? No, it wasn’t. So to me, coy and nonchalant in his answer, that’s all fine and dandy. For the past three and a half years, Mike Smith and his coaching staff have played things ultra conservatively. The offense revolved around and the ground game because offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey is most comfortable calling a «smashmouth» style of offense. There hasn’t been a need for Smith and his coaching staff to rock the boat seeing as how they’re 42 20 since 2008.. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale jerseys from china Washington’s pass coverage is the third best in the NFL after adjusting for opponent per Football Outsiders and overall the unit isallowing 1.3 points per drive this season, the second best mark after the Jacksonville Jaguars, while forcing opponents to go three and out 44 percent of the time, also the second best rate in the NFL. One reason the house wins so often is because bettors try to make too many plays when the odds aren’t in their favor. This makes trying to pick every single NFL game something of a fool’s errand. wholesale jerseys from china

wholesale jerseys Then came NBC Sports Washington’s crazy Redskins Talk podcast, which turned Tandler into some sort of mild celebrity in this weird community of ours. Now he wasn’t just a guy pecking out Redskins stories and tweets; now he was «RT,» who posed for photos with fans and co hosted raucous parties and spoke directly to you, and to me, in our ear buds. I watch every Redskins game. wholesale jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys Everyone else is an outsider to their little club of two, peerless equals who are 5 5 in their last 10 meetings and 2 2 against each other in the playoffs. They can talk all they want about how this isn’t about them; it’s about the Denver Broncos against the New England Patriots. But the fact is theirs is the most important position on the field, and each will have no margin for error Sunday, given how exacting the other is. wholesale nfl jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys from china That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to take the long view. Joe Lockhart, a former NFL spokesman, spent the last two seasons in league meetings, combing through research about the TV numbers, which suggested the NFL was not actually facing cheap jerseys an existential crisis. Until this fall, that was just a theory in the face of troubling data.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Cheap Jerseys china Again, it was believed that marijuana was the culprit.These are just a few of the many marijuana related suspensions handed down by the NFL over the past decade. Most famously, Heisman Trophy winning running back Ricky Williams retired from the league in 2004 when faced with a suspension for repeated marijuana use. Just two seasons earlier, he led the NFL in rushing, and in the 2002 and 2003 seasons combined, he gained more than 3,000 yards. Cheap Jerseys china

But the Panthers came within a Week 16 defeat at Atlanta to a Falcons team they’d beaten at home by 38 points two weeks earlier of going unbeaten. They have the almost certain league MVP, in Newton, at quarterback. They had 10 players selected to the Pro Bowl.

Cheap Jerseys from china Adrian Peterson, Vikings: For all its bad luck, Minnesota is 2 0 after losing Teddy Bridgewater. Now it would appear the Vikings have lost their elite running back to a knee injurytoo. If this injury is as serious as it sounds, this could be the beginning of the end for Peterson Cheap Jerseys from china.