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Johnson reclaimed the lead for the Stingrays at 17:57 from forward Gregg Johnson and rookie Zach Jones. Less than a minute later G. Johnson gave the Stingrays a 3 1 lead tipping in a shot from Buress at 18:55. The panel will present its report to the government by March 31.An Alberta Treasury Board and Finance spokesperson said it welcomes all submissions about the potential creation of an Alberta Pension Plan to the panel, including Ambachtsheer is worth noting that there have been a variety of views expressed by experts on this topic, including those from the Fraser Institute, the CD Howe Institute and the Alberta Investment Management Corporation, all of which highlighted potential benefits of an Alberta Pension Plan, the spokesperson said.Some of the appeal surrounding a withdrawal is centered around the potential for Albertans to make lower contributions than the current 9.9 per cent of pay. Howe suggested that an Alberta Pension Plan could cut contributions to the six to eight per cent range while providing the same benefits. This is mostly due to the fact that the majority of Alberta contributors are much younger and higher paid than the rest of Canada younger population the median age, according to Statistics Canada, is 37.1 years old and the youngest in cheap nba jerseys the country has led to Albertans contributing more than they otherwise would to the plan, Kenney argued in November.Ambachtsheer questioned the cheap jerseys nba legitimacy of a lower contribution rate due to the potential of Alberta younger citizens leaving the province for greener pastures should the oil and gas industry continue to decline.Should the industry continue to struggle, Ambachtsheer said he worries there could be fewer jobs available in the province, especially those that pay well.

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