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The Japanse team that was competing under the moniker «ITTE Q» faced a team called the Fairy Cakes in the final battle. But the members of the Japanese team were not their to play around. They were on a mission. The State can not pay Pharmacist’s for the drugs which the Health Service prescribes. Roads are falling apart and parents wonder if there will be heating in schools this winter. Unemployment is at levels which are economically scary and a tragedy for those involved.

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It’s sunny and mild one day, then you go to sleep and wake up to an ice storm. Or you hike for hours in the rain and cold wind, warmed only by the heat created by your constantly moving feet, then have to stop and freeze your buns off while setting up your tent and scrambling to get into dry clothes. And there will be those early mornings when bitterly cold air takes your breath away until you get moving again..

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