Huertas said they’ve all been in contact

Elderly people are usually the man victims when it comes to scams. When it comes to jewelry they usually bite, they are enticed by high quoted, shiny jewelry for great deals. But all in all most of it is junk and actually a scam. ‘The Details’ is a peculiarly dark comedy that certainly has plenty of nervous laughter moments but definitely leaves us feeling uncomfortable seeing the world from a character we don’t particularly trust. It is the perfect story about the morally corrupt humans of the world who are not necessarily bad people, merely just instinctive and desperate people who rarely take time to contemplate the feelings of those around them not dissimilar to the temperaments of the raccoons they so despise. Directed and written by the award winning Jacob Aaron Estes (‘Mean Creek’), ‘The Details’ is set to hit US movie theaters on November 2nd 2012..

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