«He shown with the racing game that he a winner

Loose hatch on top of a train is close to overhead wiring at Town Hall. To secure safely, the power from this section of track must be isolated. Our electrical crews are working to do this ASAP, and repair crews will then secure the hatch safely. «Gujarat Alkalies Chemical Ltd (GACL), incorporated in the year 1973, is engaged in business of manufacturing basic chemicals such as sodium cyanide, sodium ferrocyanide, chloromethane, hydrochloric acid, caustic potash, potassium carbonate, phosphoric acid (85%) and hydrogen peroxide. The company started manufacturing custic soda with initial capacity of 37,425 TPA. It is the single largest producer of caustic soda in India that has a production capacity of 3,58,760 TPA and owns two manufacturing units located at Vadodara and Dahej in Gujarat.

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