«But they don’t need a stadium anything like an NFL

But soon after Fox News confirmed the report on Twitter, the reporting was referred to as «debunked» and a «hoax» on the Fox News show «The Five.»Mark Zuckerberg fears civil unrest after Election Day and said Facebook must help prepare people for a drawn out resultFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with Axios that he feared there could be «civil unrest» after Election Day and that Facebook wanted to help alert users to the fact that the election results might take longer than usual to arrive. Zuckerberg said he feared the fact the election might be drawn out over days or weeks could lead voters to incorrectly question its legitimacy. «I just think we need to be doing everything that we can to reduce the chances of violence or civil unrest in the wake of this election,» Zuckerberg said..

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There’s 21 other guys [on the field for each play].’ I told him: ‘Yup, that’s exactly right. I couldn’t agree more. But that’s not why people tune in.’. There will also be a mental health awareness football game happening on October 2nd between Clinton Prairie and Twin Lakes. Healthy Communities also puts on the Stepping on Stigma 5k every year. Martin said putting mental health in such public spaces helps reduce the stigma and start important conversations that will save lives..

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