But the first score, a 13 yard strike to Tyler

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It’s understandable to try cheap nfl jerseys to get a piece of the high flying Kansas City Chiefs offense but Watkins is too unpredictable to use with any consistency. He’s Cheap Jerseys china just as likely to get you 50 or more yards and a touchdown as he is to tally less than 20 yards and nothing else. In addition, the Chiefs will be facing the Cincinnati Bengals, owners of the third best pass coverage unit, per Pro Football Focus..

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wholesale jerseys «The one thing that’s been a little bit different is you’re still involved in the offense but still trying to make sure you’re not involved because you’ve got Wade doing a great job with the defense but you’re mindful of what’s going on so you can communicate with your players in their language,» McVay said. «You can be aware of what Coach [John] Fassel is doing with the special teams, just making sure that you’re not just an offensive coach but you’re trying to be a head coach and building and developing those relationships with the players and the entire coaching staff. It’s been great so far.» wholesale jerseys.