Below is a rundown of how some Mercer County school

Garage door opener is the largest mechanical part of your house. Sometimes, you don’t pay attention on it, until it breaks down. When it decided to stop working, what should you do? You may be think about repairing. Set WeatherAcross the state, New Jersey school officials are grappling with how to safely reopen their schools this fall, after months of emergency remote instruction because of the coronavirus pandemic.The districts have a few more weeks before they must submit their reopening plans to the state and notify parents and students, but in Mercer County, many districts have already communicated their initial plans.Some districts are offering parents options for the fall, typically either a fully remote choice or a hybrid model of both in person and remote instruction, but others will offer only one option. Social distancing and mask requirements will be incorporated in all districts, per the state’s guidelines.Below is a rundown of how some Mercer County school districts are planning for the new school year, and what some parents think about the ideas.HAMILTON TOWNSHIPHamilton Township is preparing for three options for the fall: the open model, which is a «normal» school year; the hybrid model, which will use an A/B/C schedule for kindergarten through the 12th grade; and a fully remote learning model.Superintendent Scott Rocco said he will recommend the Board of Education finalizes the hybrid learning model. The hybrid model divides each school’s student population into three groups, with each group assigned to an A group, B group or C group.The nearly 12,000 students in the district will then attend a full day of school on the specific days their group assignment is scheduled.

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