Anyone with access to a computer can say what they

It worth remembering that while Robespierre may have been one of the architects of the Terror in the French Revolution, he too eventually found himself lying beneath the blade of the guillotine. Literature remains my passion but, increasingly, it this very disregard for public decency that makes me feel like taking the JD Salinger route, disappearing from sight, writing for pleasure and allowing all the stresses of a public career to fall from my shoulders. But then I get a good idea and I want to share it with people.

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You are about to be taken inside a world of finesse, exquisite manners, bon ton, a world where la douceur de la vie was perfected in every particular and where every moment away was quite simply unbearable. I am talking, of course, of eighteenth century Europe and more precisely of its monarchs and the aristocracy that provided the rapt audience for majesty’s every move. As Maurice de Talleyrand Perigord said, «Those who had not known the Ancien rgime would never be able to know how sweet life had been», and he was most assuredly in a position to know..

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India has become an important market for all smartphone vendors, thanks to the fact that it already has over 50 crore smartphone users. Companies including Samsung and Xiaomi have already invested plenty of resources in the country to meet the growing demands of Indian consumers. The expansion of consumer demand has lately attracted Apple and its suppliers as well.