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And, to lift people out of harm’s way and put them on

«Pfc. Sayers indomitable fighting spirit, aggressiveness, and supreme devotion to duty live on as an example of the highest traditions of the military service.» PFC Sayers heroically gave his life in service to our nation 75 years ago while combating tyranny in Nazi Germany. The exhibit will be on display for six months allowing visitors to reflect on this gentleman service and sacrifice prior to the artifacts returning to secure holding..

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cheap nfl jerseys Travel leaders, including Delta Air Lines and Sabre, have joined the fight to abolish modern day slavery.Minnesota is an epicenter of anti trafficking legislation at the State and Federal level.In my job, I lobby for legislation that ensures minors who are sold for sex are treated as victims, not criminals. We have to have tougher penalties for pimps; more funding for the National Human Trafficking Hotline; and job skills, shelter and services for trafficking survivors.Prevention and Survivor ServicesThrough philanthropy, I believe we can fight slavery at the source before it happens and also provide a pathway to safety, hope and prosperity for trafficking survivors.This is my greatest privilege in working for Carlson. We help fund NGOs such as The World Childhood Foundation, UN Global Compact, ECPAT, World Affairs Council and Minnesota Women’s Foundation, and we raise critical awareness of the issue and train other abolitionists.Through grants to The Bridge for Youth, 180 Degrees and The Samaritan Women, we provide shelter and emergency services for survivors, runaways and youth at risk of exploitation.And, to lift people out of harm’s way and put them on a path toward empowerment, financial stability and self reliance, we support vocational training and career opportunities through the International Tourism Partnership, Nomi Network and Breaking Free.We urge others to join and sign the ECPAT Code; raise awareness of trafficking among your employees, customers and supply chains; contact your elected officials; and help free the 21 million slaves. cheap jerseys cheap nfl jerseys

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